Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little Ladybug

Tonight was the Fun Fest at church! So Anna-Kate and Kristen got dressed up in their costumes and got to go! The girls both seemed to have a lot of fun! They were really cute!
Here's Kristen in her witch costume!

Anna-Kate and Kristen love to give each other kisses!

Here's my little Ladybug!!

She loves this rocker!

I love the wings!!

Playing at Uncle Ryne's game

Every station gave candy and a toy as a prize, but Anna-Kate just kept taking all of the candy, dum dums to be exact!!

I tried to get a good picture with her...

but it's hard getting a good picture of her smiling, even though she smiles all the time!
Here's a video I took of Anna-Kate! The background noise is annoying, I know but her walking around in the tutu is soo cute! She's such a big girl now!

Monday, October 20, 2008

House Update!!

So, this is a little late, sorry! The beginning of the week is always super busy for us! Last weekend we worked extra hard at trying to get things done to be moved in! We are getting so anxious! We started moving some of our things in!! So that makes us want to be moved in even more! Let me just say, that we've not been the most organized movers though! There's just something about moving 5 minutes away that takes all of the seriousness out of packing up!
Here is our game closet! It's in the same closet as the a/c return! So the shelves all had to be cleaned really good! I even lined the bottom shelf for easy cleaning! This was really exciting for us because we LOVE playing games! We've not had the time to play in a while, but hopefully we can pass our love for games on to our children!

Well it's time that I fess up. I've been avoiding saying something about a couple of incidents I've had while working on the house because I didn't want it to keep guests away. A couple of weeks ago, Derek called me outside to look at the flower beds and a little mouse ran across the porch disappeared in our flower beds. And then Sunday I was working late and a little mouse ran across the kitchen floor! So when our neighbors asked us to take this cat that their friend had dropped off I felt like it was just an answer to our problems! She was a stray cat that the previous owner saved from being killed! The only way that I could get Derek to agree to keep the cat was to name her Lady Thatcher, I agreed to call her Lady. So here she is, Lady Thatcher, sitting in our living room. She's been super laid back and even lets Anna-Kate chase her around and pet her!

Here is the new pantry floor, thanks to Derek!! He worked really hard cutting and laying down this vinyl tile!

And here is our bedroom; all painted, trim and everything!! My friend Sara came and helped me prime the walls and then Derek and I worked until 1 in the morning Sunday night to get the rest done!

Here's the new rug we bought for the room!! I think it goes really well!!

Derek's mom worked really hard to clean the kitchen up for us! She even lined our shelves!!

I began to move our office stuff over! I am so excited to show the finished product of this room in the next post!
Well it sure has been a lot of work, but we are finally feeling like we're getting to a point where we will be able to move in very soon! I can't wait to put up an update next week!! I think there are going to be a lot of changes!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday, Derek and I had the day off thanks to our first ever fall break! I spent my day working in Little Rock for Tobi Fairley Interior Design, where I interned this summer. Derek spent the day working on the house (look for an update in the next few days!!) Yesterday was also "Grandparents Day" at Harding Academy. Every year there is a big lunch and all of the student's grandparents are invited to attend. There are activities that go on all day, including a silent auction and Chili Supper that evening. That's where Anna-Kate spent the day with Kristen, Uncle Ryne, Grandma and Granddaddy and GG. She had a lot of fun! When I got home Derek and I met everyone at the school for the Chili supper and then we went to the game. It took about 20 minutes of the game before the girls busy day was evident:

Tuckered out from a long day!

Then today we woke up early (relatively) and went to a pumpkin patch about 30 minutes away!! You could pick your own pumpkin, go through a corn maze, go on a hay ride, eat lunch, visit with some farm animals, pick cotton, or just choose to play on the hay bales! Needless to say, the pumpkin patch was a hit!!

Here's Anna-Kate all ready to go pick a pumpkin!

Kristen decided to get in with her.
"I'd like that pumpkin please"

Kristen found herself a pumpkin
And so did Anna-Kate!

Looking for a pumpkin to pick!

Then we played in the hay...

and went to see the animals! Anna-Kate was trying to get the Llama's attention!

He was a little shy

The goat was a bit friendlier...

Then I was able to sneak in a few pictures...

Off to the hay ride!

Sitting in some cotton! Everyone was pretty sleepy by this point

What a great time we had! Both of the girls were in such great moods, it was really wonderful for us! I hope that we can make it an annual outing! I think the girls will really enjoy it a lot when they are older! My dad was supposed to come to visit today, but he was not able to. We're still not sure if he's going to be able to come tomorrow or just have to make the trip another time. I was looking forward to getting to spend some time with him and to have an extra set of hands around the house! The painting has really taken a back burner this past week, so now I'm in need of some helpers!! Derek and I are working to be able to move in next week. I can't wait to put pictures up of the progress we've made!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

House Update #2!

Well this is a big post but lots of changes have taken place since our last post!! We are getting closer to moving in! Our goal to be in the house is in two weeks! Hopefully we'll make it! We had a friend watch Anna-Kate and Kristen today while Derek's parents and brother helped us around the house! I'm so excited to share how much progress we've made!

It wouldn't be Derek's house without a flag on the front! Derek also hung new, larger letters on the house.

We got a new light fixture for the front porch and Derek was able to hang that up.

Derek hung up a new mailbox too!

We bought some plants to go in our flowerbeds

and some ivy to grow up the tree.

Derek planted the tulips in front of the dwarf nandinas, those are for Sara :)

New light fixture for the "back" door.

Our new puppy, Reagan, fits right in!

We got the shed doors open, so we don't have to use the side entrance anymore!

We put out our Halloween mat this week; can't wait to get our pumpkins and carve them!

New closet systems for our bedroom closet and Anna-Kate's.

We have electricity turned on!

And our telephone and internet have been hooked up, although we haven't moved our phones yet!
Thanks to a great sale at target I was able to snag a few accessories for the house

The walls in Anna-Kate's room are completely primed... don't worry this doesn't reveal what the actual color is going to look like in any way, except that it's pink!

Derek worked hard today on getting the outside of the house finished! He planted all of our plants and mulched!
Derek's dad made us some custom shelves for our pantry!

Thanks to Derek's mom the ceiling and crown moulding and one of the windows are primed!

As for me, I've learned I'm really great at delegating! :) Despite being fully over my staph infection, I am still sick! I have had a sinus infection this week, so I laid low today and didn't help out as much as I would have liked to.

Here's what the outside of the house looks like, all thanks to Derek's hard work! Can't miss the McCain/ Palin sign in our yard :) We are finished with the outside until we get fully moved in! Hopefully this week we make some improvements inside and we can start wrapping up those projects.

And of course, let's not forget Miss Anna-Cakes, who is becoming more and more like her mommy! She sleeps like me; with one leg thrown out of the covers... and wiggling and talking herself to sleep. She also has picked up a few of my bad habits. Friday Derek's mom told me that every time she got onto her, Anna-Kate would turn her head and scoff! I thought it was funny, but scary at the same time! How can my baby be getting so indignant?!! Well later, when I gave Anna-Kate a toy she had been fussing for she refused it and I was the one who scoffed! I quickly learned that she is not being indignant because she was born that way, she is just picking up things I do and repeating them! It's time I start paying more attention to the bad habits I have!

I know this is a strange shot, but I thought it was so cute that Anna-Kate loves to pet Reagan! She is so gentle with him!

Here is proof of how much she loves to eat! She ate an entire half of a grilled cheese sandwich tonight for dinner!! I don't know where she got her large appetite from though ;)

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