Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Love Lamp...

I love phone...

I love remote...

I've noticed a little pattern with Thomas. He's got a bad habit of playing with things that aren't really toys... he mostly prefers electronics. Every time I talk on the phone he reaches for it! He especially loves my iPhone. I think it's probably the pink and black color of my case that gets his attention. It's cute... but not so cute when I notice that under my screen protector is a layer of slobber! Maybe we have some sort of future engineer on our hands?? :)

Okay, so Thomas is now half- a year old!! I am just in shock! Where has the time gone?! On top of that, my baby girl is going to be 3 in just over 2 months!

I don't know exactly how much Thomas weighs... but we have a well baby visit next Wednesday (boo shots!) He's a very big baby though! Last night we were able to stand him up in the pantry and mark his height. We've been doing this with Anna-Kate for a year now and it's absolutely amazing to see how much she's grown in such a short amount of time!

Thomas is mostly wearing 6-12 month size or 9 month. The different brands really make a difference. He's still wearing some 3-6 month things but I know it's not for long! Shorts look like pants on him though because his legs are so short!

Thomas has now eaten sweet potatoes, cereal, apple sauce and avocados. He loves the sweet potatoes and apple sauce the most! At first he wasn't sure about the avocado but he seems to really like it now. I got him to finally like cereal this morning by adding a bit of cinnamon. He mostly eats once a day but sometimes I give him a bit of apple sauce if he seems interested in my breakfast. I'm still making his baby food for right now and I really enjoy it! I just finished making him some butternut squash and I think he's going to like it! I'm making most of his baby food and I really enjoy it. I've been feeding him solids just once a day, usually when we're all eating dinner because that's when he cluster feeds to prepare for bedtime! That's been working really well for us. He now has 2 bottom teeth in, so I've given him some wheat teething biscuits. He really likes to chew on those!

Thomas is sitting up better, but I still like to have pillows around him because he still doesn't seem to have much control. He's finally tolerating his tummy! I've noticed that he will get his elbows up under him but that's about all he can do. I will not be surprised at all if he scoots like Anna-Kate did.

He's a very happy, snuggly boy! He loves to look around and watch people. I've noticed that Thomas will study new faces before warming up to them and smiling. Who knows, he might be a shy child! (I can't imagine how since Derek and I are pretty outgoing!)

I could go on and on about what Thomas has been doing but I'll spare you!

Monday, April 5, 2010

LIttle man stole the show!

This weekend was a really great weekend for Thomas!! He was just so happy and full of life!

Saturday evening I laid him down in his bed to get his jammies out and he started to play with me! He would take his little blankie and cover his face and then when I said "where's Thomas?" He'd pull it back and just grin and giggle! It was absolutely the sweetest thing!

Then I noticed he was saying "ma ma ma ma...". What a sweet surprise!! :) Completely melted my heart!

Thomas now says it when he gets upset and wants to be picked up (usually by me).

Sunday the weather was pretty overcast but that made for great pictures! Thomas was really happy after his nap so I roped Derek into helping me get some pictures! I know there's a lot but I just can't narrow them down! I love all of them!!

Some of the colors in the photos are a little off because I was playing with the saturation when I edited them! He's such a sweetie! I can't believe how fast time has flown!

Hoppy Easter!!

Beware- lots of pictures of my cuties!
(or yotz and yotz as Anna-Kate would say!)

I love Easter! It's probably one of my favorite holidays.

Actually- Derek pointed out that I say that at every holiday! ha.

Anyway, this year was especially fun since Anna-Kate is old enough to get into the day. She amazes me with her creativity and imagination. I was thrilled to see how excited she got over dyeing her eggs and getting ready for the Easter bunny!

Thursday Anna-Kate, Thomas and I dyed our eggs. Obviously Thomas couldn't do much, but he enjoyed watching Anna-Kate and I! :)

The egg kit I got came with a "magic" crayon, so we could write and color on the eggs and then see the message when we dyed them!

Coloring on eggs can be tricky, but Anna-Kate really liked it!

Friday morning Anna-Kate had an egg hunt at school. This was really the first school party that she's had- so I was super excited! Derek and his grandmother got to come visit for a while too! I think that it threw Anna-Kate a little off when we came to visit but I'm glad we got to be there for her. She had so much fun hunting Easter eggs!

The little red-head is Molly. I always see her playing with Anna-Kate when I pick her up from school. I think she's really cute!

Saturday we told Anna-Kate that she had to set her basket of eggs out so the Easter bunny could take them to Lepanto and hide them for her. Then we told her that he would put a surprise in her basket and when we got back from lunch it'd be there! Anna-Kate was so excited! haha! She couldn't wait to get to bed!

I didn't get too many pictures of Anna-Kate in her dress! :(

Sunday morning after church Derek told her he saw the Easter bunny hopping away from the house earlier. Anna-Kate just gasped and put her hands on either cheek in surprise! It was too cute!

Derek's family came to church with us too. It was really nice having everyone together. After lunch we went back to the house and Anna-Kate and Thomas got to look in their Easter baskets. Then the girls went on their Easter egg hunt!

They had so much fun! The ground was wet and I didn't want the dye to rub off Anna-Kate's eggs and onto her dress, so I changed her into one of her new outfits. She was too funny with her glasses and the outfit on! I was laughing at her sass the whole time!

Thomas was just too cute in his little bubble! He was in such a great mood, I was able to snap a ton of great pictures. Instead of bogging this post down with a bunch, I'll make a separate one just for him tomorrow!!
Aside from Easter, we had a really busy week and weekend. Derek is taking accounting online, so he's been caught up with that. He's also working with the economics team. They are competing next week, so he had a couple of practices last week. Friday, we had campaign pictures made and then Saturday I hosted a shower for a friend of mine that's getting married in June. Derek and I also made SO much progress on the outside too, but I'll save that for another post!! I love weeks when there's a lot going on, even if it does wear me out!!
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