Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year!!!

I always love the beginning of a new year. The way we measure time lends itself to having these fresh beginnings every year and give us a way to reflect and remember.

2009 seemed a difficult year. I struggled to find a job, Nicki lost one, we had to wrap up school, and I got deeper into my graduate work. In retrospect, however, I am reminded that 2009 was simply a year full of wonderful changes and challenges that have made our lives better. Nicki and I learned of our new addition in March and we finished the race we began in 2004 by graduating from college. I am proud to say we were together in the journey nearly all the way and Nicki walked across the stage 3 months pregnant. She has been a real trooper and won a victory by pushing through. Nicki has been able to stay home with the kids and I have now found a great job that has endless opportunity.

In looking back, there have been challenges. But there are always challenges in life. Our family has responded and learned how to love each other even more than before. In that way, 2009 has been a great year.

2010 is underway and we are excited to watch our children grow even more. Anna-Kate is in pre-school now!!! She is such a big girl with her backpack!! Thomas has teeth already (3 months seems early!) and is HUGE. I am learning more everyday about my role as a father and husband and realizing how a real man is to live.

I have worked for about a month and a half in my new job. I am so glad to not be waiting tables anymore (4 months is enough of that). I work for Harding Press, a print shop owned by Harding. I get great benefits and the chance to manage marketing and sales for the business. My hope is to move into the classroom over the next few years with my MBA.

Ok, so here are a few other changes we enjoyed of late. My grandmother has moved to Searcy and is impressing me with her continued independence. She is really settling in well. I have had a tough time with the move since I am still in Lepanto on weekends preaching. I miss her being there and eating lunch at her house. We moved back in the parsonage there which is nice because there are so many memories there from the first year and a half of our time there. I feel that there is a great opportunity now to be on my own there and make my own way as a preacher.

Ok, so big news here. Dad is ready for his next project and decided he wanted to go back to school....again. He has been a civil engineer my whole life and is nearing retirement age with the state highway department. With a young daughter of his own, he had begun looking for options to continue growing personally and professionally when he made a decision that stunned everyone.....he's going to medical school. My father, age 50, is taking classes to meet prerequisites for med school. in a couple years he will sit for the entrance exam and God-willing, he will begin a new journey in life.

Honestly, beyond all the joking about his age, I am very proud of the man. He is following a dream he had that he never went for because he was ready to start a family and didn't have time. He has shown me that the most important thing in life is to work hard to do what you love. Plus I am now convinced he is the smartest man I know. In a few years he may very well be qualified to save the lives of victims of a collapsed bridge....and fix the bridge too. How many people do you know like that???

Well I made a heck of a post here, but I have been absent the ol blog awhile so it's good to catch up. Happy New Year!!
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