Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Girl!

Last week, when I was checking my emails I noticed in one of my parenting emails that Anna-Kate was no longer considered a toddler. Instead she's moved up to a preschooler! I had to read it twice myself! Since when is my 2-year old baby a preschooler?? I've heard everyone say how fast time flies, but it's really hitting home!!

2-years ago we brought home the most beautiful little baby girl. That's when Derek and I learned what it meant to be a family. The past two years have been tough but absolutely amazing. I know I say it all the time, but I feel so blessed to have Derek and Anna-Kate in my life! Derek has been such a rock and support for me, through all of my crazy antics and parenting philosophies. Always trusting me but always making me think things about from all perspectives. I know that we're going to continue to be challenged and we will continue to grow. I'm so excited to see what this next year holds for our family, especially as Anna-Kate moves up from being the baby to the big sister! (I sure am sappy today!)

Derek and I celebrated Anna-Kate's birthday on Saturday by throwing her an ice cream sundae party. Derek's family and some of our friends came over to enjoy the day with Anna-Kate too! We had so much fun!

Despite all of my attempts to keep Anna-Kate eating healthy and away from sugar, she's managed to find a love for chocolate and just about anything sweet. I love my share of sweets, but it's Derek that saves room for dessert so we're gonna stick with him as the source of her genetic affection for all things sugar. Since it was her birthday and she can't exactly tell me what type of party she wants, an ice cream party seemed like a great choice! I filled little dishes with gummy bears, m&m's, sprinkles and nuts. Both Anna-Kate and Kristen loved it! In fact, it was very difficult to keep them out of the candy! Lucky for Derek and I, Anna-Kate played so hard that the sugar high wasn't so bad! She had fun and loved it, so I can handle the sugar splurge!!

I realized that my picture viewer has a really great tool for making picture slideshows! I'm so excited to be able to post more pictures than I normally would be able to, plus videos from Anna-Kate's birthday party!! Sorry this one is a few minutes long- beware!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ottoman fun!

We've been so busy this week celebrating our three year Anniversary and getting ready for Anna-Kate's second birthday that I've not been able to put some recent pictures up! I've been keeping Derek's sister, Kristen everyday for the last two weeks. She's about 4 months older than Anna-Kate and they have such a good time playing together! Sometimes I feel like I could (almost) sympathize with someone who has twins when I'm keeping them! They definately are busy girls!!

At the Imax theater in Little Rock after they saw Ice Age 3 in 3D!!

Lately they've discovered our ottoman makes the perfect jumping place. They throw everything that's accumulated onto the ottoman through out the day on the floor and then they jump and roll around on the ottoman. Luckily, the ottoman is really soft and it makes the perfect place for them to wear themselves out! (Bring on the long afternoon naps!!) Here are a few pictures of the girls playing:

They love to hug and kiss each other!

After their nap they were back at it again!

Anna-Kate has now decided that everytime she wants on the ottoman, Mommy needs to take pictures of her!


Of course the girls aren't always this silly and playful! We've had our share of fighting over toys and hitting and pushing! Oh to be a toddler... Looking at these pictures sure make me grateful that I do get these moments! They are so special! I really am grateful to have the opportunity to stay at home with Anna-Kate right now, even if it's unexpected! It's been such a blessing!

You know me, I'll have more pictures of the girls this summer and a post about Anna-Kate's birthday soon!!

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