Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little Ladybug

Tonight was the Fun Fest at church! So Anna-Kate and Kristen got dressed up in their costumes and got to go! The girls both seemed to have a lot of fun! They were really cute!
Here's Kristen in her witch costume!

Anna-Kate and Kristen love to give each other kisses!

Here's my little Ladybug!!

She loves this rocker!

I love the wings!!

Playing at Uncle Ryne's game

Every station gave candy and a toy as a prize, but Anna-Kate just kept taking all of the candy, dum dums to be exact!!

I tried to get a good picture with her...

but it's hard getting a good picture of her smiling, even though she smiles all the time!
Here's a video I took of Anna-Kate! The background noise is annoying, I know but her walking around in the tutu is soo cute! She's such a big girl now!


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