Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Thought the Groundhog was Lying...

Almost a month ago, when Punxsutawney Phil came out of his little hole and saw his shadow, I was sorely dissapointed at the prognosis. Given that most of the state of Arkansas had been devistated by severe ice storms, the prospect of more winter weather was not a kind prediction.

However, as temperatures began to rise over the past week, I became hopeful that the grounhog was mistaken. Just two short days ago temperatures were in the near 70's in Searcy...then everything changed.

I had heard rumblings about possible cold temps this weekend but I paid it no mind. However, as I prepared to leave for Lepanto, northeast Arkansas was being hammered with winter storms. My grandmother called to tell us she had some snow, but it wasn't till I got two-thirds of the way there that I realized how bad it was. The conditions on the road began to deteriorate and the last few miles were without a doubt the worst weather I have ever been in.

Once I was able to get in and relax I realized just how much snow had actually fallen. Let me just say that there are not many things in this world I love more than to watch snow fall. It was absolutely beautiful. Myself, Nicki, Anna-Kate, and Reagan (our dog) immediatly bundled up and went out. Reagan loved the snow...Anna-Kate was less enthusastic.

What a wonderful snowfall. It was the perfect consistency too!! Not too wet, not too dry, and without a doubt the deepest snow I have been in. About 10 inches had fallen as of 9 pm with more on the way. For an Arkansas boy, that is amazing. Snow in March, however, not's Arkansas after all.

Expect pics soon!!!


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