Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Tree Farm

Last week, Derek and I decided to try something new. We took Anna-Kate and Thomas to a Christmas tree farm! It was a first for all of us! We had so much fun. What a neat experience getting to choose your tree and cut it down! I can't wait to do it again next year! Now, on to the pictures!

Brace yourself... There's a lot of pictures

All the pretty trees!

Running between all of the trees! It's nice to be free!

Anna-Kate picked the first tree she saw!
"Hey! It's my size!"

Anna-Kate and Thomas posing with our tree.

Anna-Kate got to "help" Daddy cut down the tree!

Thomas was lots of help!

After we cut our tree down, we got a little hayride back down the hill. Anna-Kate really loved riding around and looking at all the trees!

At this point we had to contain Thomas' excitement- he was just way too loud!

Time for a picture in Mommy's lap!

When you think Christmas Tree Farm, I know Petting Zoo comes to mind... :) Anna-Kate got to play with chickens, roosters, ducks, goats, and even sheep!

Derek and Anna-Kate feeding the goats and sheep! Anna-Kate was not very interested in getting her hands gross, so she preferred throwing the food at them.

Thomas woke up long enough to eat :)

She loved swinging! It was probably her favorite part!

I know this is silly, but I love it!!


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