Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Day

Last week we had the first snow day of 2011! We all got to be home and enjoy it too! 

It started on Sunday night while we were in church. We were nervous about the "long commute" home, but we made it across the street just fine! ha! 

Anna-Kate taking it all in! 

We woke up to about 3" on Monday morning. I love the snow. Everything is just so beautiful! 

We played around here and then Anna-Kate was dying to play with Kristen so we ran a few errands and headed over to their house. I was so excited because Anna-Kate was really into the snow! 

Anna-Kate had to wear her sunglasses, she's such a mess! 

This is behind Derek's parents house. So beautiful! 

Kristen made a snow angel

This is Bella, Derek's parent's dog. She had snow on her nose! So cute! 

Derek's mom watched Thomas while we took the girls out and helped them build a snow man. They were so funny about  all of it!  When he was built, they danced around and sang "Frosty the snowman!" haha! Such a difference from the crying last year! :) 

At one point I told Kristen that our snowman needed mittens on his hands. She said "um... they're just sticks." Too funny! 


Ashley E. said...

Cute pics!!! I'm glad y'all had a great snow day!

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