Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Backyard Facelift

I saw Amanda tonight and she informed me that I was a big tease for not sharing the backyard improvements yet! :) 

I have been waiting for the right pictures! I know it's not a major difference, but it really does make a big deal! I can't wait to start adding plants. 

A big thank you to Derek's family for helping us out! They all worked so hard to get our yard in shape for the summer! 

Whole yard before and after! 

We started with this flower bed that runs in front of the shed- aka. Derek's "Man Cave." I want to have monkey grass as a border on all of the beds. I will definitely be planting something that covers the ugly pipes that stick up! I'm also thinking of adding some Crepe Myrtles in this bed, but I'm not sure yet. 

We were just working away when I noticed these familiar looking leaves... Poison Ivy! Derek's dad also pointed out the poison oak that was hanging from the tree that is in the bed in front of our chain link fence! I was SO worried that someone would break out and it would be all my fault! We decided to leave the vines alone that were in that section. We will probably spray them and then pull them down later. 

Poison Ivy and Oak! 

The kids mostly played outside, but the girls were in and out. Thomas took a nice long nap while we were working! This is Derek, right in the middle of all the brush! Yikes! 

When we moved the dog house a bunch of nuts rolled out! I guess we know what the squirrels have been up to! Anna-Kate said "look at all the coconuts!" and then she and Kristen spent an hour collecting them all on the patio, so later we could all trip on them! ha! 

There was some vinca ground cover already growing in our yard. It's not my favorite, but it was there and adds some nice color, so we decided to leave it! 

It's really not a lot but it is the start of some pretty great landscaping! I love planning things like this and seeing what a big difference they make. This is definitely a project that will look better throughout the summer and the next coming years! 

Amanda, I hope you read this and that you and Jackson are ready to play! ;) ha! 


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