Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anna-Kate's First Day of School!

Anna-Kate started back to school a couple of weeks ago!

I was a little nervous about how it was going to go since she wasn't moving up with Kristen. I worried that she would realize it and get upset. Thankfully, she is completely happy and really has not said much about not being in the same class as her other friends. 

I am so grateful to send her to such a great school! We absolutely love her teachers and she enjoys every minute of her day. :) 

She and I talked a lot this summer about me being able to pick her up from school again. That was one thing I really missed doing last year, I know she missed it too. She kept telling me that she wanted me to get there after their afternoon snack. Well each day I picked her up at school she kept wanting to stay later and later. So Thursday afternoon I picked her up and she was so ugly about leaving! Later we talked about it and she said, "I think I over-reacted about you picking me up early. I want to play longer" It was so funny! 

I think she was trying to wave us off and tell us that she could walk herself to class from here! ha! 
After we dropped Anna-Kate off, Thomas got in the car and looked around saying "Kate-Kate? Kate-Kate?" He seemed so confused about why she was not with us in the car. He seemed to miss her the first day a whole lot, but now I think he's gotten used to getting my full attention most of the day!

We popped in Kristen's class to check on her. :) 
Oh and just for kicks- here's her first day of Pre-K from last year! 


Life as a Convert said...

Adorable! Looks like she enjoys it :)

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