Thursday, January 5, 2012

Making A Comeback

I have SO much to catch up on since I was such a slacker the last couple of months!! I'm hoping to get to that, but I want to keep things up to date as well.

Sunday was the start of 2012 (wow... where did December go?!) and Derek and I sat down and share what our resolutions were. We are actually both pretty much on the same page!

This year we have very simple resolutions!

1. I want to maintain (housework, routines, budget, blogging, healthy diet, etc.) 

2. I want to grow (spiritually, emotionally, in our marriage, home improvement, {our budget}, etc)

3. I also have a little project for our family that I will introduce at another time!

That is pretty much it! It sounds simple, but when you think about it... it's really all inclusive and that's a pretty tall order. I am kind of nervous about exactly what needs to happen to make our goals work out. 

I know that one thing I really struggle with is overcommitting myself. I get so much fulfillment when I am busy. I also feel really guilty because we can't financially help others, but I feel like I can help in whatever way I can. I realized that I have been so busy, I've been neglecting the main reason I am staying at home... my family! So, I am going to try to slow down and focus on getting our family into some better routines. 

I am so ready to feel like our days are monotonous! ha. I know that's crazy, but we have gotten so used to not being at home in the evenings and most days we get home and crash, wondering where the day went. I am so ready to be bored with another night at home! 

Last June, I started working hard on losing weight and by the end of October, I had lost 30 pounds! I have gained about 5 pounds over the holidays :) and I am ready to lose another 20-30 pounds! Hopefully I can get more determined about that one... so far this week I have been really undisciplined! Plus I had to get another steroid shot for yet another ear infection... so I've been extra hungry. Derek is on board with the plan and ready to join in with losing weight. Right now, our plan is to drink plenty of water, watch our portion sizes and get plenty of exercise! 

I want to spend some time focused on Derek and I's marriage. Having a child 4 days after our one year anniversary and then another one 2 years later... tends to take it's toll on the romance side of marriage. I want to dedicate more energy into improving our relationship and working on my role as a wife. 

Another huge resolution for us is to get back to the home improvement projects! Ever since we bought our house, we have wanted to paint the living room and dining room the most! When we first moved in we focused on our bedroom and Anna-Kate's room. Painting Anna-Kate's room was so difficult it just kept me from wanting to paint the living and dining room.

 I am so excited to say that we have already made progress on this resolution!! We finished painting the living room on Monday and are going to paint the dining room Saturday... it only took us three years! :) I am going to share the before and after photos when we finish the dining room! I know that if we start off the year with the projects, then I feel like we are really going to be crossing off things on our to-do list! 

So that's where we are at! Here's to keeping all of our resolutions! 


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