Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Round Up

Since I'm just really not making too much of a comeback like I hoped, I think it's time I round up a few of our favorite moments from the past couple of months! 
We have loved going to story time at the library! We got to go with our friends Shelby and Riley one day and they all loved it so much! 

Thomas has found new ways of making it through our shopping trips! haha
Playing while we got the oil changed one morning
My Sonic girl loves her cherry slushes, just like Momma! 
Sweet boy 
Anna-Kate is getting so good at writing! She still does a few letters backwards and upside down... which is why it reads "I love dappy" :)  
I've been trying to decide what to do with this grapevine wreath from my sister. I finally found some flowers for it. I'd just like to add our house number or initial before I call it complete! 
Big girl had her teeth cleaned and got a great report from the dentist! 
Here's a little Easter sneak peek! 

This has to be my favorite picture from Easter! Go on and make it larger so you can enjoy it a little more! :) 
This one came in a close second... Thomas was the ONLY boy in his class Easter Sunday! Poor thing was surrounded by ELEVEN girls! I think his face says it all...
One of our fun school projects! 
Anna-Kate's letter person! :) Super cute! 
We got to join her for an ice cream party last week! 

We have just had such a great spring! I can't believe that Thomas and I are done with "school" next Thursday and Anna-Kate only has 3 more weeks of school! 

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful spring! Happy Friday y'all! 


Sean said...

Hi Nicki,

Its awesome!

Seems like you really did a hard work for these posts. I love read blogs related to baby cakes and specially babies. in last I would say it one of the best blogs I have read in this category!

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