Thursday, February 17, 2011

16 Months

How about an update on Thomas? It's been a while huh? 

Thomas is 16 months old now and doing so much! 

Here are his stats: 

I'm not sure how much he weighs right now, so I'll have to add this in later!

He has 6 teeth. 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. 
He can walk and bounce and squat- so cute! 
He sleeps 12 hours at night and usually take one or two naps a day. 
He eats everything. There are very few things he turns away. He's a big eater too! 
He drinks milk and water mostly. Sometimes juice at school 

Thomas is saying so many words now! 
Da Da
Anna-Kate (comes out k k or kate kate)
Bella (he calls all dogs bella, after Derek's parent's dog)
All done (he signs that too)
More (he sometimes signs that too)
Milk (sounds a lot like more)
No no 
Uh oh
Blankie (sounds like ball) 
Bye Bye (waves too)
Hi (waves too)
Bow Wow
Belly Button (he's still working on this one but he's trying!)
Rock A Bye (comes out either rock rock) 
Peek a boo (comes out bye bye but he covers his little eyes- so cute!)
I love you (he repeats this, doesn't say it on his own yet)

He also blows on his food and can whisper! He will try to repeat just about any animal sound you make too, but they're not always right! :)

If you ask him where his belly button is, he raises his shirt up and pointes to it. He also can point to his nose!

We're still working on actually pointing... ha!

He also is very good at blowing kisses.

and giving hugs! :)

Thomas has the best little personality! He is super sweet and snuggly. He's extremely laid back but he is a bit territorial. Stay away from his blankie and shoes! ha. 

He loves to sing and to dance. He rocks the other babies at school. He is super playful too. He really likes to pick at Anna-Kate- it's pretty funny. He can be quite the ham too- oh my! He loves to get attention and to make us laugh. He is really big on mimicking things we do.

In the morning Derek will say "Knock the bed down" and he grabs the rail of the crib and shakes it. It's really funny! He also likes to wave "hi" and "bye" to me from his crib. 

He is just such a special little boy- we are so blessed! 


Gail said...

He's so cute! I think my favorites things you mentioned are that he can whisper (how cute is that?) and trying to point to his nose. :) It's great you are recording all this. I was so bad about that when mine were this little. I do have a list of my first child's words at 18 months. It's so fun to go back and read them.

So, Thomas is 16 months. How old is Anna-Kate? My first two are 23 months apart and then my middle one and 3rd are 16 months apart. Hence the 3 in 39 months. Oy vey.

Kelcie said...

I didn't realize our little ones were the same age! Eden is 16 months too. And she loves pointing to her belly button too! :)

derekandnicki said...

Aw! How neat! I love this age! The belly button thing is one of my favorites! :)

derekandnicki said...

Thanks for reading Gail! I love this age and all the things he's doing! I wish I kept up with what he was doing as well as other friend's of mine... and I certainly wish I had done baby books, but this just works for me!

Anna-Kate is 3 1/2 so they are 27 months apart! Not much different than yours! I really want 4 children, but for right now I am happy with my two! I can't imagine having them closer together in age and another little one as well! You had/ have your hands full! :)

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