Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Bigger Now

Seems like Anna-Kate is growing and changing so much lately! As she constantly reminds me, "I'm bigger now. I'm getting bigger!"

I learned very quickly that she is not small! It's very hard to explain to a 3 1/2 year old that she is petite! We had a full on meltdown because someone told her she was little for a 3 1/2 year old! ha!

I thought I would take a minute to write down the funny things Anna-Kate is saying and doing lately! 

During her Christmas break we told her that Thomas was going to her old school but would be in a different class. She was a little upset because she wanted to go to school with him. It is really sweet how much she loves him. We tried to explain to her that when he was big enough he would go to the Academy and be in Mrs. Penny's class but that by then Anna-Kate would be in a different class. It really seemed like she got the concept by the end of the break. 

On her first day back at school she informed her teacher that when she was done in Mrs. Penny's class she would move on to the 6th grade! haha! She's too funny! 
Playing with Kristen in her room after church is a must!

Anna-Kate is a sweet heart and a really great child but there are the occasional "sad" notes sent home from school saying that she wouldn't stop talking (poor thing has no chance to be quiet with her genetics) or that she was just disobedient in some form or fashion. This week as soon as she saw Derek she said the names of three girls who had gotten sad notes that day and then very quickly pointed out that she had not! She was very proud!

The other day, my boss' little girls saw Anna-Kate while they were on their way to class. Anna-Kate stopped and said "hi." Right after that, the little girl in front of Anna-Kate fell. Anna-Kate quickly threw her hands up in the air and said "she did it by herself!" 

She has really gotten into saying a prayer at dinner and then before she goes to bed. She gets the sweetest little high pitched voice. Usually it includes something like this, "Dear God. Thank you for this day. Thank you for me and Thomas and my mommy and daddy. and me. and thomas. and reagan and maddie and bella (derek's parent's dog). and the snowmens. and the neighbors next door. (and anyone else she thinks of at the time)." Sometimes she will say thanks for random stuffed animals or things she sees too. She usually gets Derek and I pretty cracked up.

The other day she was playing at our Chick-fil-a. After we left she told Derek and I that  a girl had pushed her down. Derek asked Anna-Kate what she did and she replied in the tiniest, most pitiful voice ever "I said 'please don't push me'" It just broke my heart!! I wish I could imitate her little voice- it was so sad!

Anna-Kate is full of sass but she sure is the sweetest thing ever!!

Just one of her many silly faces she makes! 
This was her fake smile- haha! 
The other day, I got to pick her and Thomas up. I got Anna-Kate first and then let her come in with me to get Thomas. Anna-Kate was very quick to point out that her daddy does not let her go in! As we were pulling away I said look, your friend Molly is going to get her baby sister with her mommy. Anna-Kate looked and said "Mommy's let us go in to get our baby brothers and sisters. I'm going to tell my daddy 'let me go in!'"

So today Anna-Kate went in with Derek to get Thomas! So funny. Derek said that Thomas usually cries when he gets there but today Thomas saw Anna-Kate and just squealed! While they were there another little baby was crying and Anna-Kate tried to make him feel better.

I just love her!

I'm going to miss the funny little things she says and the way she pronounces words!

She calls her school "hardemy cademy" (Harding Academy)
She used to call Chick-fil-a "Chicker-way"

Saturday, she kept asking for candy, cookies or ice cream. She told us she did not want dinner, she just wanted a cookie. Finally, Derek was pretty firm with her that she was not getting a cookie and she did not need to keep asking for one. I was in the other room and she came up to me and said "my daddy is so rude." I immediately got an image of what to expect during the teenage years.

Boy do we love this girl! 


Joannalemmons said...

I think you need to do a whole post on her "hiding" techniques :)

Gail said...

Oh my. She's not even mine and I loved reading all these cute little things. Hmmm...maybe because my little girl is now 7 and talk about sass. :( She is still so sweet, but boy oh boy does she have her moments.

Cherish this time with Anna-Kate. It passes too quickly.

She sounds so precious.

Oh, my littlest (now 6) stopped saying this last year, but he would end his prayers with "In Jesus Dear. Amen"...instead of "In Jesus' name. " Lol. I just loved it and never corrected him because it was too cute.

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