Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Friday, Anna-Kate had a Valentine's party at school. When I got there they were playing a cute little game where they all held hands and walked in a circle (or tired to). There was one child in the middle that got to choose who would stand in the middle next. We got there just in time to see Anna-Kate get in the middle! 

She was so excited to see us! 

After the circle game they played another game where they had to eat a piece of a twizzlers without using their hands. Anna-Kate was a little shy about it, but she did good!

Getting started
Almost done! 
Earlier in the day they made boats to keep their valentines in. They were really cute!

They finished up the circle game and then got to eat some yummy treats!

She was excited about the pink cupcakes! ha! 
Thomas got to eat some fruit too! 
My valentines! 
Thomas was out of school last Wednesday through Friday, but I don't think they have a party planned for the little ones. Either way, Thomas wanted to share his valentines! :)

Puffs and cheerios! :) 
They almost look like X's and O's! 
Derek and I are celebrating Valentine's day this evening with a date. Our awesome friend, Joanna is going to babysit! Thanks Joanna!! When I told Anna-Kate she was going to come over, she got so excited- I think she'd rather play with Joanna than us... ha! 

It's just been more of a low key Valentine's for us but I am loving it! 

Happy Valentine's Day! 


Gail said...

Here's to a kid-free Valentine date! Wish I could join you...err...not JOIN you, but ALSO go on a kid-free date...we have no one to watch the kiddos tonight, soooo....they're coming along. I think it's a sushi date. All hubby said is "we have plans...with the kids". [Picture me. Half way smiling.]


And I love the cereal treat bags!!!

Sara Bell said...

The Cheerios and puffs are the cutest things EVER!!! Such a cute idea!

Nicki said...

Haha! It was nice! We did eat all together with my husband's family (that was a last minute decision) and it was nice... although two rowdy 3 1/2 year olds and a 16 month old were quite the handful, so I appreciated the "date" we had after! Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentines dinner! Such a sweet hubby!

Thanks so much! The idea just sort of hit me and I ran with it! :) Wish I had thought of it sooner and had printed up cute little Valentine tags to go on them!

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