Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that I'm feeling better! I started feeling sick Thursday night with a really bad headache and Friday I woke up with one. I wound up going home from work early on Friday and stayed out Monday. Being sick is no fun- I'm so glad that I'm feeling much more like myself! 

I'm loving my sweet hubby who was SO good to me this weekend! He took care of the house, the kids, the groceries and even the cooking! I helped where I could, but that wasn't very much! I am really lucky to have him! 

Image from Less Than Perfect Life Of Bliss
I'm loving this magnetic chalkboard idea I found over at Less Than Perfect Life Of Bliss! I am totally inspired to make one of these for Anna-Kate's room! While you're there- check out the rest of her cute blog! She's full of cute ideas! 

I'm loving these little cakes in a jar! I found a tutorial over at Cakies ! How cute are they?? I might be making these for all of my friends this year! 

I'm loving all of the hilarious faces Anna-Kate has been making! She is such a mess. We probably sat around and took pictures of her for 30 minutes solid! ha! 

I'm loving my little guy too! Last week, his teacher had to get on to him for stealing the food off the other kids plates! While the teacher was getting on to him he flashed a big smile and made her laugh. What are we going to do with him?! ha! 

I'm loving that it's almost the weekend! Friday and Saturday the grandparents are keeping Anna-Kate and Thomas so we can tile our kitchen (finally)! We are so excited- I can't wait to share what it looks like! This will be Thomas' first night away too, so hopefully he does good for them. 

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mollyhall said...

Glad you're feeling better, being sick is NO good :( I am wanting to make a chalkboard/frame like that for our basement, so cute! I'll definitely check out her blog!

Have a great day girl!

Amanda Money said...

Yay for feeling better and for finishing up house projects. It feels so good to get things done that have been laying around awhile :-)

Gail said...

That's A LOT to be happy about! ALways a good thing. ;)

Love the one about your little guy at school. I find it so hard sometimes to keep a straight face when my littlest, in particular, does something he shouldn't. Like...Oops! Don't let him see me! Haha!

Julie said...

Thanks so much for featuring my chalkboard!

derekandnicki said...

You are so welcome! It's adorable! I love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine!

derekandnicki said...

Haha! I don't know that he's ever really been in trouble because he's so cute and sweet! We are always laughing at our daughter because she has the funniest ways of saying things! I'm always saying "Just because Mommy is laughing does not mean we do that" haha.

derekandnicki said...

Yes mam! Feel free to come over and help- I know you've got experience! ;)

derekandnicki said...

Thank you! I keep seeing places around my house that a chalkboard framed like that could go! I think it might be addicting! ;)

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