Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving our newly arranged living room. I take great pride in my Interior Design degree (that I'm currently not using). So much pride that I absolutely LOVE to rearrange the furniture in my house! I live for that refreshing feeling you get from a room that just "feels" right. It drives Derek crazy that houses and rooms just make me "feel" good! Either way, he's a good sport considering the only two rooms that I can actually change up easily are my living room and dining room! 

I'm loving the blog class I got to attend on Monday night. I can't wait to tell you what I learned and to put it to good use!

I'm loving that I've been so busy this week I've not been able to work on the blog! I know that sounds crazy but I have something every night- except Friday! I love being with friends and being busy. I have prayed a lot lately to have more that I can be a part of. I feel very blessed and I know that things will get back to normal soon enough! By the way- how exciting is it that I'm free on a Friday night??! (When did I get old enough that being free on a Friday was cool?) I'm looking forward to some extra time with my family!

I'm loving how hilarious Anna-Kate has been this week! She has such a unique way of looking at the world and then being able to tell you the way she sees it. It's hilarious!

I'm loving my sweet baby boy too! When we picked Thomas up from daycare yesterday his teachers said that Thomas told them "don't do that" when they laid him down for a nap. Now I know I've not been keeping up with the posts on what he is doing yet but I can assure you that he's not saying a lot of words just yet, let alone sentences or commands! So funny! Oh and in case you're wondering, they decided not to lay him down.

I'm loving that it's February which means we are getting closer to spring! I love spring and all the sunshine and warm weather it brings. The ground hog didn't see his shadow today so that must mean spring is on it's way!

By the way, I'm sure you are NOT loving the lack of pictures- sorry! I will try to have some next week.

What are you loving this week? Feel free to link up at Little Daisy May


Ashley E. said...

Post a pic of the new living room!

Candace said...

Hi Nicki! Responding to you here. We should really exchange emails. :) My email is listed on my blog (

I originally was going with Anna vs. Ana for our Ana Kate, but decided to go with the shorter spelling since the rest of us all have 7 letter names. I also considered the hyphen, but had heard that can be irritating when it comes to filling out paperwork, forms, etc. Not sure if that it true or not. I haven't had many issues with people just calling her Ana....although it has happened a couple of times, she quickly corrects them. I guess when she's older she can go by either, but hopefully she'll love the combination as much as I do. Her middle name is Linh (her Vietnamese name). I haven't had anything traditionally monogrammed because I'm not sure how to do it either. For most things I just go with the single letter A, so I supposed I would do it that way and drop the K since both are her first name. How have you done it?

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