Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

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Picture courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids Online

I'm loving Thomas' little baseball lamp! My Grandmother mailed it to him and it's absolutely adorable! I think I've mentioned it before, but I want to transition his room from elephants to baseball when he grows out of his crib. I've been eyeing this lamp since I was pregnant with him! Thank you Grandma! I will post a picture of it in his room really soon!  

Picture courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids Online

I'm loving the little tea set my Grandmother sent to Anna-Kate's too! I can't wait to share so many tea parties with her! She loves the dishes and the cute case they came in too! Grandma's are so awesome!

I'm loving the hot chocolate party we had this afternoon with her new tea set. Anna-Kate kept saying "this is the best chocolate party ever!" 

I'm loving the wonderful blessings God has put in our lives. Between our growing friendships that we've had for a while now and the new ones we are growing, I definitely feel an answered prayer. I lived in the same place for most of my life and I managed to have a few really close friendships. I still have those but it's been hard to be so far away from them. I have mentioned before that I'm a little shy and so it's hard for me to branch out and get some strong friendships here in town. I've prayed for so long to have people that "know" me. It's taken longer than I wanted and I have had to work at it and branch out but I feel so richly blessed right now! Thank you to all of the friends of mine that don't think I'm too goofy and put up with me! :) 

I'm loving my awesome husband. I'm always embarrassed to let on how much he really does around the house, but that's not fair to him. Let me just get real and say I don't believe we have a 50/50 marriage... most days I feel like I'm putting in 30 or 40 percent and Derek is pulling my slack. He's a catch for sure! I am so, so grateful for him! 

I'm loving the beautiful snow day we have today that was accompanied by snow cream and hot chocolate! 

What are you loving this beautiful Wednesday? 


Amanda Money said...

I feel the same way about Jordan as you do about Derek. We are blessed! Oh and yes, you may be a little crazy at times but I still love you ;-)

Kara said...

I found you on Amanda Money's page...I hope you don't mind me following you :-)
Your statement about making and finding friends hit home for me. I love how much you love your sweet.

Molly said...

Love all of these, that little tea set is SUPER cute! I need to get one of those for Addaline!

Thanks for following my blog. Yours is super cute :)

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