Friday, February 25, 2011

Show Us Your Life- What You Make

Kelly's Korner is is featuring what we make today! I wish that I could hone in on my craftiness more, but right now I don't! Today I thought it would be fun to feature my crazy talented older sister- what a perfect day since it is her birthday!! 

She is extremely meticulous, so her work turns out beautifully! 

Here are a few things she's sewn:

How cute are these little rosette rings?? 
So that's a little preview of the things she does on the side! I think she is going to venture out and do more things along that line soon too! 

She also has an Etsy shop. She wanted to slow down a bit after all of the Christmas craziness, so she has 4 hats available right now! 

This little bunny eared hat is perfect for Easter! 

The "Hipster" cat hat

The "Lumberjack" Cat Hat

The "Be My Valentine" Earflap Cat Hat

Don't you just love them??! You can click on the pictures to see them in Etsy! 

She has done some adorable hats for different seasons too! Here are some of the hats that she has done in the past: 

A sleeping cap! 

Halloween Witch Hat

Christmas cap! 
So I think you can see why I think she's so talented!! She also knits other things! 

This can be put on a pin or made into a hair bow for little girls! 

She also knit this sweet little cardigan with leather buttons and matching hat! 

Thanks for letting me share the amazing things my sister makes!! I'm so proud of her! 


Gail said...

I can appreciate the time that goes in to handcrafted goodies. She IS talented! I may sew and embroider by machine, but don't knit. I think it looks so hard! Her stuff is adorable, fun, creative and cool! :) ...And I think it's sweet of you to show her off. You're a good sister. ;)

Gail said...

Oh! Happy Birthday to your sister!

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