Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu Monday- Week 10

It's your turn! Link up and share your menu this week! :)

We are trucking right along! 

We are on the second week of our freezer supply, so as usual our menu is pretty much a repeat from last week! Here's what we will be eating:

Chicken Boudine

Cheesy Potato Chicken Delight


Stuffed Bell Pepper Casserole

Pork Roast with Potatoes and Carrots

Sadly, we ate all the Spinchetti from last week! It was SO good! Check out my recipe blog for the recipe... it's finally up!

I might skip a week of cooking so we can cut out some of our pantry stock! You know those times when you realize you've got a ton of stuff in your pantry and maybe it's time to get creative and use them up?? Well that's going to be us next week! Should be fun- ha!

What's on your menu this week? We would love if you linked up and played along!! 


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