Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Parties #2 and 3!

Thursday morning Derek and I went to Anna-Kate's school party! They started with a magic show. The reactions were so funny! Anna-Kate was really into it! 

After the magic show, they ate lunch and we got to visit. Anna-Kate was really excited we were there. It was fun. I love getting to see her at school! 

Sunday, we stayed here in Searcy for church and then this afternoon we headed over to Derek's parents for a family Christmas party. Each side of family draws names of the other sides children. (Does that make sense?) So, we have two children so we drew two names. Then the adults do a white elephant exchange. Each adult brings a gift and we draw numbers and pick or steal a gift. It's always a lot of fun! We have a traveling diva pig cookie jar that returns each year too! 

We brought the game Catch Phrase and then a Pyrex dish with Pioneer Woman's homemade cinnamon rolls!! (I might have sampled a pan of them last night right after I made some. You know- just to make sure they weren't too awful... haha) They are delicious! 

We all had a lot of fun! Thomas and Anna-Kate wore themselves out!

Derek and I have a few more people to buy for here in Searcy but we are almost all done! I can't wait for Christmas! Anna-Kate is really into it so I think it's going to be a fun one!


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