Sunday, December 12, 2010

Return to the Christmas Tree Farm!

Last weekend we made our second-annual trip to the Christmas Tree farm!! You might remember our trip last year, but if not click here. It's really neat to see how much the kids have changed! :)

Anna-Kate wanted Kristen to join us, so we picked her up on our way! She was super excited too! 

All ready to go! 

When the girls get along they are so sweet!! 

When we first got there we went on a hayride up the hill to find our tree. 

Haha! Thomas really wanted out of the stroller! 

The girls chose this tree, but sadly it wasn't for sale! haha. 

Posing by our tree!! 

Helping Daddy cut down the tree. 

Waiting on the hayride to pick us up and our tree! 

After we got off the hayride, Derek went to get the tree and I took the girls over to the little petting zoo! 

They thought this piggy was super cute until they were petting it and it "oinked" at them! haha! 

This goat tried to eat Anna-Kate's shirt! 

After the petting zoo, the girls wanted to swing. 

They loved the swings but it's hard work keeping three swings going by yourself! haha! 

I was happy to have Derek's help! 

When we got to the farm, the girls quickly spotted the cow ride and that was pretty much all they wanted to do! They were very excited when they finally got to ride! 

What's with my face? Oh my! 

The man running the ride pretty much insisted that Thomas join in on the fun and Derek was so sweet to "let" me go while he sipped hot chocolate! 

Thomas and the girls loved the ride so much that we let them ride again! This time Derek "got" to ride while I drank hot chocolate! haha! 

We pretty much loaded up after this. The girls and Thomas all did so good! We had a lot of fun and I love the tree we picked out!! 

After the farm, we ate at a Mexican place and then headed home. We dropped Kristen off and then decorated our tree. I am planning on joining in on Kelly's Korner's Tour of Homes soon, so I'll post a picture of the tree on that! 


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