Monday, February 8, 2010

Global Warming??? Not Here!!

I grew up in Searcy. I have a fairly good grasp on the climate trends of this region and I must say I am stumped. A little background: Growing up, we had a good snow every couple years. Most years we had flurries but no accumulation. We had a couple good events where school would get cancelled or delayed but for the most part, snow was an every other year or so thing.

The last year has been without a doubt the most active in terms of winter weather that I have seen in my life. We had a major ice storm in the winter of 08-09. I was present for the 9-inch dumping in Lepanto last year. And in 2010, Searcy has had 3 major snow events.

I love snow. I love to watch it fall. I love big flakes. I love hard driving snow. I love soft light floating snow. I love dry powder. I love wet packed snow. I love snow.

Now that you understand my love for snow you can put yourself in my shoes. We had a nice lingering snow just after New Year's that lasted a couple of days and delayed work for me. It was dry with big flakes and some hard

Last week we had a 4 inch snow that was also dry and covered the roads. Missed work again!!

Late last week, weathermen were saying another round was coming, but I wasn't buying. They said wintry mix and that's code for cold rain. But nonetheless, this morning the ground was white. as the day progressed, I kept waiting for the temperature (which was hovering around freezing) to go back up and melt it all away. Yet the temp kept dropping. Still the snow fell and by lunch the roads, which were covered in slush, were beginning to turn white. Looking outside now I am greeted by the biggest snow flakes I have ever laid eyes on. They are falling fast and hard. They are wet too which makes them stick to everything.

We closed early at work so I am preparing to venture out and brave the roads to get home to my loving family who has spent the day taking pictures of this glorious and unexpected event. Be sure to check back for those later.


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