Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snowmen and Sinus Infections

Well it has been a rough winter to say the least. I'll wait while the northern readers attempt to contain their laughter at us hicks in the south. Ok, I know that cities south of the Mason-Dixon typically shut down for flurries but we have had a fairly active winter this year.

Early January gave us a good hard snow with several inches of accumulation. I love watching snow fall. I especially love the really big flakes and the wind blowing. Snow never lasts long here so we like to enjoy it while we can.

Over the next couple of weeks we dealt with what we hope is the culmination of the illness we have all suffered these last few months. Anna-Kate had been developing an increasingly bad cough and then we noticed what looked like pink-eye. Off to the doctor she went. She was a big girl for Dr. Eddie and he said she had bronchitis, pink-eye, and a double ear infection. I was shocked that it was that bad. She was sick, no doubt about it, but she was pretty calm about it all and did little complaining. She stayed mostly on the sofa the next week while she recovered.

We have all been cruddy the last few months with one thing or another. I think it's the same virus that keeps coming back stronger in each of us and then gets passed on to the next one. Seems like we may be over the worst now though.

Anna-Kate was better just in-time for the second half of our January book-end snow storms. We got an overnight ice followed by 24 hours of snowfall. Gorgeous. We had our first experience sledding and it became fairly obvious that Anna-Kate is not as big a fan of snow as I would have thought. She was ready for it to melt!!! Maybe she'll learn when she starts going to school full-time (twice a week now) and understands the rarity of Arkansas snow days.

Not sure if we have many pictures of our adventures but if we do Nicki will post them.


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