Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day Pictures- Round 2!!

I thought this snow was absolutely beautiful!

Reagan loved the snow too!

Where was Thomas during all of the snow??

Relaxing in his wing chair!

Anna-Kate always wants to hold him... he's really thrilled about it this time

I love his expressions!

Anna-Kate wanted in the pictures too, so she pulled her chair up next to his! They both suck their thumbs :)

Sweet Big Sister

Thomas is starting to hold his toys now!

Thomas was really mad at me, not her. He didn't like this pose!

Well, we've had a fun 3 days of snow! I think Anna-Kate is ready to get to school! This week was supposed to be her first week going 3-days, but the school has been closed! Friday is her Valentines party! She's really getting big!

Thomas is just getting over his first ear infections. I found out last week that he also has reflux. It's not as serious as Anna-Kate, but it's definitely started to bother him lately. I've been really looking at my diet, but I can't seem to find anything consistent that would make it worse. His skin has also had a few little dry spots, so I'm beginning to think he might have a food sensitivity. I started a food log today so that maybe I can narrow down what could be bothering him. I hope that maybe I can figure it out and we wont have to keep him on medicine. Either way, I am holding off on the solid food until I get everything figured out. I'd hate to start introducing solids with him being so sensitive to things. I'm hoping for some answers. We've had a tough month with Thomas! I know that he's ready to feel better too! Here's one last picture of my happy boy last week!!


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