Friday, September 9, 2011

Random Happenings...

It's been a BEAUTIFUL week here! I am loving the break from the hot weather... although Thomas has gotten a little longer and so all of the pants I had set aside for him to wear this fall and winter are too short... so I'm hoping the warm weather stays around for just a little bit longer! :) 

Thomas started his first type of preschool this week. He's with me and my two year old class, so I count that as starting. He's enjoying it, but he definitely does not like sharing his momma! He's been a little congested this week, so that's made him a bit more attached. Thomas also took quite a spill the other day and face planted into the side of my (rock) house. I think he wanted to make sure he got plenty of sympathy from me! I'd show a picture, but it looks pretty rough. The side of his little nose is scraped, and he also managed to get a bump on each side of his face, scrape under his arm and his leg! It was so sad! Last night he was playing in our church nursery while Derek and I were in a class and he fell and his his cheek, so he has a big bruise there too! It's really pitiful! 

Thankfully, we decided to have a day at home, cleaning and baking some cake pops for a friend's first birthday! This morning Thomas and I took a nice long walk around our "neighborhood." 

Anna-Kate has had a great week too! She was home with us on Monday, for Labor Day and so we all 4 enjoyed a nice day at home getting things done. Monday night she got to go play with some friends, Shelby and Riley. She loved that! I love how close Anna-Kate and Kristen are, but I think it's good for her to make other friends too. Shelby will be 4 next month and she is hilarious! She is always saying the funniest things! One day, I watched her and she said "Thank you for having me over. I had a nice time." So cute! Anna-Kate got to go to Uncle Ryne's football game last night, which is always a favorite for her. She and Kristen each filled up water bottles with rocks. I think I have mentioned before how opinionated she is about clothes. It seems like there is something wrong every day. If I'd let her she would probably wear the craziest things and shoes that are about 5 sizes too big. I got an idea from my doctor to try and give her one or two days a week that she gets to pick out her outfit. So I gave Anna-Kate one day of her choice and told her that if it went well she could have another day. She chose Saturday (yes!!). That was going well until we had a huge fit over something I picked out and I took her day away. Now she's back to the same old routine of fighting with us about everything! Shoes she used to love, she hates. Her pants are too big or sag. She doesn't like t-shirts. Anyone have any suggestions on what worked for them, besides making her wear the same outfit every day? I'm probably going to re-introduce the one day of the week thing, but I still think she's going to fight me! Anyone want to take her when she hits 13?? You can give her back when she's over the teenage phase... :) 

Derek has had a pretty good week at work. He's just struggling with the motivation to keep going. His job is challenging Derek in ways he didn't expect. I am so proud of how hard he is working and I know that things will get better. He just has to keep fighting through! He does such a good job balancing family and work. I know it's draining on him but I am so grateful that he's always here when I need him.  

Okay, sorry for the randomness! I just felt like I've missed out on updating about us! I feel like I do too many link ups and I forget to share about what's really going on! I love the link ups though... so tomorrow I'll post my normal Friday link up! 

I've been a terrible photographer and have barely busted out my camera, but here are a few of Thomas lately! 

He cracks me up! 


Gail@SophisticatedSteps said...

Your poor little guy! He sounds like my accident prone, 6 yr old nephew. It's always something. Hope Thomas was just having an "off" day or two and doesn't make that a regular feature! ;)

As for Anna-Kate, well...she sounds a bit like my youngest son. To think a boy is that picky, too!!! Ugh. Now, my Annabella definitely has her issues and at 8 years old, I'm much closer to those dreaded teenage years than I'd care to think about.

Maybe we could send our girls away together! (Just for a little while. Lol.)

Ummm, so, no advice...just empathy. :)

Nicki said...

I hope he's having an off day! He seems to be falling all the time. He's talking so much now and when he falls he'll stand up and say "oww-ch" it's pretty cute! 

Haha. I just wish I could predict the predictability! It's like one day something is her most favorite thing and then I'll set it out for her to wear and she absolutely hates it! 

I have been keeping up with your blog and your cousin losing her house. I can't imagine the sense of loss she is feeling right now. I thought about that the other night and I would be devastated. She's is definitely in my heart and prayers right now. 

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