Saturday, September 10, 2011

Show Us Your Life- Keeping Kids Artwork

Hi. My name is Nicki and I'm an art hoarder. ha. But seriously, last year I didn't do a good job of keeping up with Anna-Kate's papers from school and it got out of hand! I wound up just throwing it all in a box and making a mental note to go through that one day... 

We all know what's going to happen with that little idea. 

So, when I was putting together my household notebook I ran across this idea on Pinterest and fell in love! 

When I was little my grandmother created a binder for me and my sisters and put a divider in it with the school year and our school picture. Then she saved a few tests, report cards, and school projects. I have a book that I don't remember writing but its is so funny! 

I am already saving Anna-Kate's papers from school and am going to put them all in a binder for her. Between the school papers and church things, I am going to do smaller binder for each year. I may group her preschool together but I'm not sure yet. I try to write special notes on the papers I keep or if there's something special to remember. Like the first time she drew a person or the first time she colors in the line. 

I am doing the same for Thomas too. :) Right now, I have gone through everything and put it all in the back of my household notebook. 

When we move, (one day in the distant future) we will probably designate  a space to hang their artwork or even special projects to "showcase" what they've done. These are some of my favorite ideas right now... 


For now, I just hang everything on the refrigerator... just like my family did for me. 

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Janelle Norman said...

I will be gettin binders ASAP!  Thanks for the ideas!

Life as a Convert said...

I love both of those ideas. Ive got a small tote that has folders inside.. Each child has a small folder but I like the binder idea better.

Lynn Houser said...

Another great idea you can do is make a calendar out of their artwork. After buying  easels for kids  I decided to do this with all the artwork they made. For one, they can
draw, paint, and color on the easel and not the walls , and two, it allows them
to use their creativity to express themselves freely

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