Thursday, September 29, 2011

On The Mend

I've not been posting lately because I've been sick. Last week I was really tired and drained. I could tell my allergies were the cause and unfortunately by Thursday night I was coming down with a sinus infection. I meant to go to the doctor Friday but I felt better and had a few things to do but I felt horrible by Friday evening. Sunday my ears started to hurt and I could tell I was getting an ear infection. I pretty much spent as much time as I could this past week on the sofa! Plus, I wound up going to the doctor twice. (lesson learned!) 

I'm thankful that today, I was able to do a lot more. I'm feeling a more like myself than I've felt in days! I can tell my ears are still pretty stopped up but thankfully they aren't hurting quite as bad and I've got a little bit more energy! 

Derek was amazing and kept everything going so I could rest! I know he's ready to see me back 100%. ha. Poor thing! It really is hard to do all that a mom does and it's even harder to step in for the other parent and play both roles. 

Derek and the kids actually had a pretty full weekend and he even took pictures for me! 

They Love their rain coats!
Anna-Kate had picture day when I asked her to show me the smile she gave, this is what she did! ha! 
I made a simple sensory bin for Thomas and he loved it! 

He even picked everything up when he was done. 
The girls love going to the games!

We went to the high school game! Thomas loved it! 

They are so silly! 

They went to watch the Hogs play Alabama at a friends house. They love playing together!
Pretty Shelby

Derek said Anna-Kate wanted in that and they played with this for a long time! ha! 
Sorry for the picture overload, but I guess that makes up for the lack of pictures lately! 

Amanda, posted about a fun link up going on the month of October. Basically you pick something to blog about for 31 days. It can be 31 days of knitting or cleaning or your favorite books. Just something fun to share every day! 

I decided to play along and I'm going to be doing 31 days of Fall Cleaning! I don't know about you, but my house needs some good deep cleaning more than just in the spring! Since I've been home I've noticed several areas that need to be organized and deep cleaned. (Under my bed is a scary place right now...) I also think it'd be fun to share a few quick cleaning tricks and hopefully even some fall decor so that I'm not just blogging about cleaning! ha. I think you'd get pretty tired of that! To keep up with the 31 posts, I've created a separate tab, just like my Menu Monday tab. I'll put a link to each days post! 

If you'd like to join, you can go here to learn more about it! 

Oh, just for a change, I've added a new header! What do you think? I like it a lot more than the last header I had, but I really want to add a family picture. When I was looking for one of all of us I realized that we have not had a family picture made in almost a year! It's definitely on my to-do list and when I get a good one, I'll change my header again! 


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