Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Happenings...

This week has been such a good week, but it's been really busy! That's the way I like it. I just wish I was not so tired! I've been really bad about staying up late- that just seems to happen when we are out until 8 or 8:30! 

I made the scarecrow crunch mix on Monday. (I know, I'm going overboard with talking about this stuff...) It turned out so good! The recipe made enough for about 2 1/2 gallon size ziplocs! I sent one ziploc to Anna-Kate's school and then we ate a good portion of it at our Bible study. It's nearly gone because we've also been munching on it quite a bit ourselves! From what I've heard, it was a hit with Anna-Kate's class too! 

Derek and I have been doing a Dave Ramsey financial class the past few weeks and it is so good! I was a little worried that we weren't ready, but really it is good for people in all stages of life. Today, I've been working on organizing our student loan information and it's driving me crazy! I really it was easier to deal with student loans! 

Although, I might understand it better if I had not gotten distracted by this website my mother-in-law told me about-! ha! I've only checked out the kids shoes, but it looks like a great place to get good things for less. Anyone else know about this website? I've got my eye on several different things and am fighting the urge to search for some things for me! :) 

Thomas looked so cute at lunch today! I'm still needing to get him some jeans and our weather today is (beautiful) only around 70, so he wore a hoodie and shorts. I don't know why, but I think that's cute together! ha. Plus, with all of the Hogs things he's been into (I still need to share that), I thought he needed a little Tennessee infusion- you're welcome Grandpa! 

Anna-Kate was in the paper this week! Her class visits Harding's retirement facility every month. This month they read a story together about fancy hats and they took a picture with everyone wearing their hats! It's pretty cute! I didn't realize she was in the paper until Wednesday, so I didn't get a copy of it! This morning they had a Thank-You letter in their box with a copy of the newspaper article and a picture of their class in the hat! I'm so glad to have that! 

I am so excited about fall! I think it's my favorite season because it's so busy and it leads right up to my favorite holiday (Christmas)! I love all of the fall smells and the leaves turning colors and falling. It just puts me in the best mood! I'm looking forward to actually getting my fall wreath from last year down and hopefully doing a little decorating this weekend. Hopefully even making a few new decorations! I also found a recipe for a homemade pumpkin spice latte and you better believe Derek and I will be trying that asap! If it turns out good, I may even make it for our Bible study group! It's also time to get started on those Halloween costumes! Halloween is extra exciting this year because we will be in Franklin- the first time in YEARS! 

I am constantly feeling God's blessings all around me and I am so thankful to Him. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm off to do the cleaning that I can't put off anymore! 


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