Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday and Oh, How Pinteresting!

So much to love this week! Link up here and play along! 

I'm loving this beautiful weather outside! It's been in the very low 80's to mid 70's and sunny. A nice sign that fall is almost here! 

Sorry for the bad quality- it's an iphone picture! 
I'm loving how cute Anna-Kate looked before school this morning. She's too big! 

I'm loving that we got a baby swing from some friends for Thomas to use. He's just about too big for one but he kept falling out of our swings, so he really needed one. He swung for about an hour this afternoon! 

I'm loving that we have our second day of school tomorrow! I'm working on some cute little activities and another themed lunch for Thomas! 

I'm loving these yummy burritos we made last night and that we are turning the leftovers into nachos tonight! I love having quick and easy dinners on Wednesday nights! 

I'm loving my sweet, hard-working hubby too! Derek cleaned up the backyard and hooked up Thomas' swing so we have been enjoying playing outside a lot this week! 

With the gorgeous weather we've been having, I'm going to go with a fall theme! 

How cute is this mummy breakfast?! 

I love this scarecrow snack mix. It's perfect for a Bible study snack, after school snacks, or even for a fall party at school! I think my love language is food... 

I love this front porch decor- makes me want to paint my door so bad! 

I have been wanting to get some big urns to go out front and this picture makes me want some even more!

I'm definitely adding this to my crafting to-do list! Think about all of the fun holiday decorations you could put in these! 

Okay and I apologize for the crazy long post, but I have to share this hilarious pin I saw!


Hope you're having a great week! Link up here and here if you'd like to play along! 


PATRICIA said...

that mix looks AWESOME! my mouth is watering now...
Trish @ Tales from ...

Andrea said...

Your little girl looks SO cute in her school clothes and back pack!! And..loving all the fallish pins!

rundreamcook said...

I adore the mummy sandwich! Too cute!

natashainoz said...

You found some great pins. I love the Fall decorations! It is Spring over here but I am now wishing it was fall all over again!

If you have time to visit my blog I am having a Pinterest party at the moment. I have also started a Pinning Bloggers Master List that you might want to link up to!

Best wishes and happy weekend,
Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me.

Nicki said...

Thank you! I appreciate the invite, I will have to link up sometime soon! I am pretty much addicted to pinterest! 

Nicki said...

Thank you! I am loving themed meals right now! Our children are getting to the age where they can appreciate them more, so it's lots of fun! 

Nicki said...

Thank you! I'm so ready for fall! 

Nicki said...

I know! I need to make it.... like now! :) Thanks for reading! 

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